Saturday, July 12, 2014

Indie Game Maker Contest 2014

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last made a blog post -- almost two months to be exact. The reason for this is that shortly after my previous post the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014 started. Me and fellow developer Chancler Harrison devoted an entire month purely to that end. The game we finished is called Unraveled and features the battle system and platforming elements we will use for Lunafall:

You can play the game for free here or click on its awesome logo below.

It's about a little girl whose parent works at a ship breaking yard. It deals with an actual social issue that doesn't receive enough media coverage. These people at ship breaking yards work under terrible circumstances and the families who live in the villages around it are poor and broken. The game is seen through the little girl's eyes and fantasy so it's not all depressive stuff, don't worry! We're going to release a full version at the end of next month, which is what we're working on now.

This is our last project using the RPG Maker XP engine, so we'd love to get Unraveled ported to iOS, Android, etc. We're going to be doing a Kickstarter for that soon so we can get enough funding to re-make the game in Unity! It will also give us a great basis for Lunafall.

Clicky below and read on to see a new monster for Lunafall! :)

As I explained in my previous post there are four negative elements in the world of Lunafall (Radiance, Rust, Acid and Vacuum). We're now working on the creatures of the four positive elements: Lightning, Steel, Ice and Sonic. I'm currently working on the Sonic creature:

It's a giant bat-like creature that can use its wings and mouth to create sonic blasts. It uses the skin between its arms to catch the resonance of sounds and redirect it, being able to target its sonic blasts at specific targets. It constantly emits a high-pitched sound that no human being can hear, but that can cause head aches and -- in some cases -- cerebral hemorrhages. Most animals are able to hear this sound from far away and will flee, indicating that one of these creatures is coming.

It's physically quite fragile with delicate skin and mushy bones, so you can take one down quite easily. If you're able to reach it without being blown away.

That's it for this blog post! The next one won't take so long to come, I promise! ;)

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