Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elemental Balance & Monsters

Allow me to begin this post with the announcement that Sweet Lily Dreams is now on Steam! Reception has been incredible, although the first two days the game was wrongfully tagged as "Furry" and one reviewer declined the game for having "Adult Furry content" which is completely false, of course. Faith and Curly never have intercourse. That's just... Gross.

The game's new trailer has been produced by Ethron Productions. That man's incredible! He finished the trailer in just two days by doing an all-nighter. See the result for yourself:

Now on to Lunafall! I'll be showing you four new monsters and the Elemental Balance system of the game, so click below to read on!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Midnight Monsters!

We've been quite busy with our upcoming Steam release of Sweet Lily Dreams, but I want to give you guys a quick update on Lunafall! I'm writing this at the end of a long day of work -- 11 PM -- so bare with me as I might ramble a bit.

I'm currently working on the monster sprites. In Lunafall battles are longer, more intense/strategic and less frequent than the usual jRPG. To fully utilize the game's innovative Focus/Rage battle system, we're handling each monster with great care and making them unique like little bosses. The four main monsters are based on the negative elements of Radiance, Vacuum, Acid and Rust.

The first one I finished is Radiance:

I gave the creature elongated limbs like 'energy rays'. It creepily slides across the floor using its hands and feet while remaining upright.

Click below to see more monsters! ^0^