Friday, August 26, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bone Dragon

Here's a new video! It shows a boss battle against the Bone Dragon. Some bits are still WIP, like the face graphics, and the skills are just thrown together for the vid, but otherwise it's final. :)

And be sure to check out the other one as well!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet Lily Dreams

Quick update: the game is now 95% done! The only remaining work is adding the ending, tutorial messages, quest log and a couple of menu's. And I have to write the strategy guide, but that can be done during beta testing. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Production Update

Just a little update: today I finished the last essential side-quest. The only 'content-related' work left is to make the ending scene. Everything else is balancing, battle-related and optional. I plan on adding a secret dungeon for after the ending, and perhaps some additional content. But it's good to see the end of the road in sight, instead of standing at the edge of a massive canyon. ;) I'll also be adding some hidden areas, ones that are impossible to find unless you know exactly where they are. They're like a bonus for those who will be purchasing the strategy guide.

I've also began thinking about PR and marketing. With Whisper of a Rose, we hardly paid any attention to it, but I want to get it right this time around. If anyone knows a good or popular RPG-related website where I could post a topic on the game, please let me know! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Lily Dreams

When I created this blog I wanted to make it a witty, relate-able blog with tips on writing and creating your own RPGs. However, I found that I couldn't exactly get into it. At least not right now, with the production of Sweet Lily Dreams. So instead I will be dedicating this blog to keeping you up to date with Sweet Lily Dreams' production. After all, every unknown John Doe finds that a blog is necessary to remain in touch with the world. Who am I to deny a trend that has Grandma Jo hopping up behind her computer?

So about Sweet Lily Dreams. The game has a lot of cool, customizable features from the Sandbox and Hidden Object genres. To sum them up:
  • Furniture
    Using points collected throughout the game, you can choose from a huge selection of furniture to decorate your very own house. Perhaps not original, but it actually ties in with the gameplay, giving you bonuses depending on what you place.
  • Crafting
    You can join the Crafting Guild and make your own furniture, medicine and other various items. Crafting is much more accessible than in Whisper of a Rose, and plays a very important role. Only through crafting can you get the most valuable items.
  • Clothing
    You can buy the main character, Lily, new dresses and weapons and try them on. They're all very cute and fashionable!
  • Side-Quests
    At any time in the game can you decide to take a break from the main story and go out to do some side-quests for exciting rewards!
  • Magic Scrolls
    To gain new spells, you must craft magic scrolls. These can then be used by any character, so you can customize your magic in any way you like! You can unlearn spells as well, allowing you to try out new combinations.
Along with those features, the game has ten mini-games and a lot of adventures and puzzles in store for you. We're hoping to bring the genre of casual RPGs to a new level, where it's not just all about killing monsters, gaining levels and moving through the story as fast as you can. With Sweet Lily Dreams we're hoping to appeal not only to RPG fans, but to every casual gamer. :)