Saturday, May 3, 2014

Midnight Monsters!

We've been quite busy with our upcoming Steam release of Sweet Lily Dreams, but I want to give you guys a quick update on Lunafall! I'm writing this at the end of a long day of work -- 11 PM -- so bare with me as I might ramble a bit.

I'm currently working on the monster sprites. In Lunafall battles are longer, more intense/strategic and less frequent than the usual jRPG. To fully utilize the game's innovative Focus/Rage battle system, we're handling each monster with great care and making them unique like little bosses. The four main monsters are based on the negative elements of Radiance, Vacuum, Acid and Rust.

The first one I finished is Radiance:

I gave the creature elongated limbs like 'energy rays'. It creepily slides across the floor using its hands and feet while remaining upright.

Click below to see more monsters! ^0^

Here we have the creature of Vacuum:

It's a little hard to tell from this angle (we have sprites in all directions) but it has a giant gaping hole in the middle of its body to represent its element. Unlike Radiance, it's muscular and bulky -- stomping around and walking on its hands while its tiny legs dangle above the ground. The face design is inspired by a mammal called Tardigrade that can actually survive in a vacuum:

Aren't I cute? *0*

Acid and Rust are still too work-in-progress to display at the moment, so instead I'll show a drastically needed recolor of an exploded mummy:

Old at the top, new at the bottom.

Actually, this monster never properly made it into one of our games. Upon seeing it, I decided it really needed a make-over. The shading was quite tricky, because the outline was drawn a few years ago and there are confusing strings of toilet paper/mummy bandage all over. I think the end result is a huge improvement, though! It no longer looks like someone smacked a stock texture on top of it and used the Photoshop Burn Tool for 5 seconds. *cough cough*

So that's it for this time! I'm off to bed. Sweet Lily Dream's Steam release is going very well; we're almost done with the integration. I recommend everyone who has already played the game to re-download and check it out again after we release the update, because it's pretty awesome. :)

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